Citicoline 88™

  • Nourishes brain health and function*
  • Improves focus and concentration*
  • Supports memory and cognition*
  • Protects neurons from free radical damage*
  • Vegetarian and allergen-free*

Citicoline88 is formulated with Xerenoos® to provide nutritional support for cognitive health. Xerenoos® has shown in clinical studies to lead to an increase of phospolipids in the membranes of brain cell as well as increase neuroplasticity.*

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What is it: Citicoline is a naturally occurring nutrient found in the brain. It is integral to the formation of healthy nerve cell membranes, contributes to the transfer of nerve impulses and supplies the brain with the energy it needs to operate at optimal efficiency. The human brain requires adequate nutrition in order to stay alert and focused throughout the day. Citicoline88 provides vital nutrients that help the brain generate and conduct electrical impulses as well as protecting neurons from free radicals. It also supports healthy mitochondria activity, increasing ATP levels in brain cells which is required for sustained mental effort. Citicoline88 supports proper brain function, helping it to process information, learn new information and retain memories.*

Who is it for: While anyone could benefit from taking Citicoline88, it is especially invaluable to our aging population. As we get older, our brains also age, slowing down critical metabolic processes resulting in impaired mental function. Orally administered citicoline has been clinically tested and shown to help halt and possibly even reverse these age-related affects on the brain. One way it does this is by promoting an increase in phosphorus-containing metabolites which aid in the synthesis of phospholipids which are fatty compounds that are essential to healthy brain function. These phospholipids help to protect neuron cell membranes while regulating glucose metabolism.

Why is it different: Citicoline88 uses a clinically tested form of citicoline called Xerenoos® that has been shown in clinical studies to lead to an increase of phospolipids in the membranes of brain cell. It has also shown to increase synapthogenesis, the formation of synapses in the brain as well neuroplasticity or brain plasticity which refers to the brain ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections.

Xerenoos® Citicoline is produced by Ferrer Health Tech in Spain. Ferrer has conducted most of the clinical research on Citicoline and the Cochrane Review (systematic reviews of primary research in human health care and health policy which are internationally recognized as the highest standard in evidence-based health care) references only Ferrer for the contribution to the science on Citicoline. We are proud to state that Citicoline88 contains Xerenoos® Citicoline from Ferrer, Spain.

How do I use it: Take two capsules per day or as directed by your healthcare practitioner .*

It's The Science That Makes The Difference®

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