Dr. Paul Nemiroff, PhD, MD, FACS  [consultant Emeritus]

Dr. Paul Nemiroff, PhD, MD, FACS
[consultant Emeritus]

Dr Paul Nemiroff, PhD, MD FACS, is an internationally recognized surgeon and physician, scientist, researcher, and former Chief Medical correspondent for CBS television in Los Angeles. As a Head and Neck Cancer surgeon, he has performed more than 10,000 surgeries. As a scientist and researcher he developed Joint Formula 88 to help reduce pain – to relieve suffering. As a media professional, he covered the latest advancements in all aspects of healthcare. And now, as consultant Emeritus to 88 Health Products, Dr Nemiroff has permitted his previously developed products to be make available to you. Effective , clinically tested, natural alternatives for supporting better health. Because he believes, “It is the Science That Makes the Difference®.”

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